Pediatric Dentist Baby Teeth Extractions in Aliso Viejo

Pediatric Dentist Baby Teeth Extractions 

There are times when baby teeth need extraction. Most people know
that baby teeth are naturally shed starting at age 6 for most children.
But sometimes your pediatric dentist must extract them for a number of
reasons such as:

Tooth Decay

When your child’s baby teeth are badly decayed, your pediatric
dentist will opt to extract them to stop the decay from spreading any

Damaged Tooth

Your child might fracture or break their tooth during play. If the
damage is severe, the tooth will be extracted.

Over-retained Tooth

An over-retained tooth is one that remains in place for too long and
interferes with the eruption of permanent teeth. When this happens, the
over-retained tooth is extracted to create space for permanent teeth and
avoid crowding.

Baby Teeth Extraction Procedure

Extracting baby teeth is simple and straightforward. The procedure is
not as invasive as on adult teeth. Baby teeth are placeholders for
permanent teeth and when they have to be extracted, this is what

Your pediatric dentist may start with a dental X-ray to check the
condition of the root.

For a simple extraction, your pediatric dentist will then use local
anesthesia to numb the area and will use forceps to remove the

If the extraction is a little difficult and involves the removal of
surrounding gum tissue, the procedure will require sedation.


It is normal for your child to experience bleeding after the
procedure. Your dentist will apply sterile gauze to control this.

Your child should avoid rinsing their mouth with water for the next
24 hours to allow a protective clot to form.

Help your child by giving them soft foods as they recover.

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